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Jocelyn Hagen

2024 - 2025 Town Hall Lecture Series

September 17, 2024

Jocelyn Hagen
"Composer, Publisher & World Wide Performer"

"Neither the Smartest or the Most Talented: How Curiosity and Persistence Led to a Successful Career in the Arts"

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    Jocelyn is originally from Valley City and now lives in Minneapolis where she is a composer, publisher and a world wide performer. She is president of Graphite Publishing and founder of acapella band, Nation. Her husband, Timothy Takach, who is a composer, professional choral singer and soloist, part of Nation and owner of Graphite Publishing will perform with her at the Town Hall Lecture.

Edward O'Keefe

2024 - 2025 Town Hall Lecture Series

October 22, 2024

Edward O'Keefe
"Chief Executive Officer of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library"

“The Loves of Theodore Roosevelt: The Women Who Created a President”

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    Edward is originally from Grand Forks, ND and now resides in New York City. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. O’Keefe is a former media executive, has worked at ABC News, CNN and was a Harvard Kennedy School Fellow. He has won numerous awards for his research and reporting.

Patty Wetterling

2024 - 2025 Town Hall Lecture Series

April 29, 2025

Patty Wetterling
"Consultant, Educator & Author"

“Dear Jacob: A Mother’s Journey of Hope”

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    Patty is a consultant, educator and author. Her book, Dear Jacob: A Mother’s Journey of Hope” chronicles her personal journey. Patty is the mother of Jacob Wetterling and she has a special place in her heart for Fargo as she came here to help with the Jenna North abduction.

Candice DeLong

2024 - 2025 Town Hall Lecture Series

May 06, 2025

Candice DeLong
"Former FBI Profiler"

“My Best Day”

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    While in training at the FBI Academy, she dreamed of three things that she hoped would happen in her career: investigate a high profile crime, catch a serial killer and rescue a kidnap victim alive. By the time she retired, she had accomplished all three. Candice hosts Investigation Discovery Programs: Dead Women and Facing Evil.

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